Letter From Client: Thank You For Representing Our Son

Letter From Client: Thank You For Representing Our Son


I cannot begin to thank you for the myriad of things that you did for us in saving our boy. It’s a myriad because it wasn’t just handling the charges, but included hand-holding our son (and his parents), calming witnesses that were scared to testify, placating and reassuring their parents, and showing your legal presence in a subtle yet strong way to help us navigate the ridiculous, mercurial, kangaroo court that he faced.

It began with a phone call at 6:30 am with our son in tears. He had been charged with sexual harassment but wasn’t told the specifics of the charges nor the evidence against him; he was immediately suspended from his beloved sports team. This sort of thing didn’t affect just our son – it impacted his brothers and sister, his grandparents, extended family members, the team, and our friends. It was a dark cloud that followed him to class, back to his apartment, and loomed during our every phone call and visit.

We were very fortunate that my daughter had knowledge of the group FACE (Families Advocating for Campus Equality) through her employer and I called them for information. I naively thought we could wait until the ruling since we were confident in his innocence. FACE let us know that if we waited for the ruling then it could be too late to try to backtrack. You were our third interview and our son chose you on the spot. Your background in psychology was invaluable as you immediately put him at ease. You came into the situation and instantly raised the level of professionalism of the so-called investigation; the college stood up and took notice that they had to start conducting their investigation with some level of competence. It was almost laughable that your involvement is what it took for college attorney to finally got involved.

We so appreciated how you kept our son in your comfort, letting him know that you had his back, and that he could contact you when he was feeling the weight of the investigation. As parents, we couldn’t be that person for him, so you were; and you did it with humor and confidence. He listened to you and respected that you would take care of him while all of the associated chaos surrounded him.

As I told you the night before the final hearing, if the outcome was not good, it would not be because he was not prepared or well represented. The fact that you had interviewed and prepared his every witness made the hearing as calm and expected as it could be in those circumstances. Even the mother of one of the kids said we could not have picked a better advocate for our boy.

This whole thing was so mind boggling that it could even happen that we had little confidence in a positive outcome. Our only faith was in you, in your expertise, in your experience, and in your methodical preparation of our boy’s defense in an untenable setting.

Our lives and the lives of the team, our family, and our friends will be forever changed but with the silver lining is that we got to see what a kick-ass attorney could do when faced with an absurdly flawed system.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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